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Why did I become a Social Media Marketing Manager?

Here it is.. the big question. WHY?

Well to begin, there are many, many reasons! And many reasons why you may be reading this post right now. For starters, you may be considering exploring this industry for yourself.. if so, welcome! Or, you may just be intrigued as to why this industry is continuously on the up right now... (and it won't be slowing down anytime in the near future either).

As we all know, social media and the online industry is at an all time high, growing faster by the day. With all of the new technology we have available to us, we are able to communicate with anyone and everyone at the click of a button.

Being 24 years old, I grew up through the launches of all major social media channels that we have today. Because of this my understanding of social media and the way it works is pretty top notch, as well as my passion and love for the power of socials! I have been experimenting with the different filters on Instagram since the launch of Instagram, certainly uploading some questionable content as a mere 14/15 year old and if I recall, some of my favourite filters were: Lark, Juno, Mayfair and Valencia (if you know.. you know). Fast forward 10 years and here we are, utilising presets and Lightroom, Instagram editing really has come a long way.

When you think about it, the likes of Instagram/facebook/pinterest/ youtube/tiktok and so on are art forms. Whilst so many do create a perception of a 'perfect life' despite that being untrue, I can't help but notice the talent many hold when it comes to capturing show stopping images and video content. Now this is not just about individuals but more so about the content people are creating for their businesses, showcasing their travels, promoting their artwork and so on.. These elements really highlight why social media is such an incredible tool.

So back to the question... why? Well, to put it simply, I realised I was doing all of the above. I enjoy creating content and have done since I was about 10 years old creating videos on moviemaker! (What a throwback) I love the power social media gives us to connect with anyone, anywhere at any time of the day/night. And I love the fact that people can do something they are passionate about and be able to call it 'work'.

But there is so much more to my story than just that. I have worked in retail and in the corporate automotive industry. Both can be stressful and both can be incredibly rewarding. However, one thing aligned with both - I didn't have a passion for either. And when I say passion.. I mean, the strongest desire you can imagine that excites you every single day, makes you want to climb mount Everest and sky dive from the top (if that's even possible ha!). Because, I don't want to work to just live my life on the weekends... I just want to LIVE! I believe it is so possible for every single one of us to live every single day, if we are doing something we are passionate about and I wasn't prepared to allow myself to continue living for the weekends for much longer.

For three years, I had my own online business. It was tough but I was thriving and I wouldn't be the person I am today without having done it! This business sat within the social marketing industry, I was partnered with a company and I grew to the top 8% of this company with my business and my own efforts. It was incredible and I will be forever grateful for the experience I had and the memories I made. But the truth of the matter was that no matter how hard I tried to make this business my own.. it was and it really wasn't. I grew to realise my earning potential was somewhat capped because I was always going to be commissioned only a percentage of the revenue I was sourcing. Whilst this was still incredibly rewarding and the business model can be incredibly lucrative, I knew that my own energy and efforts could be used to create so much more for myself and those around me!

As time progressed, I made the decision to step away from this and kickstart this journey on my own. By doing this, I was able to focus on a sector that excites me and utilise my Graphic design and English language qualifications as well as my experience within the industry and deep driven passion for the social media marketing world!

And one last thing.. I have a HUGE love for travel and this industry is just perfect to allow me to travel and capture moments/memories and content whilst on the move! I am also able to work with brands and companies worldwide because guess what.. it's all online! What a combo!

In a nutshell, I truly believe if you do something that excites you and you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life. I was already capturing content at restaurants, bars and clubs and editing photos and videos that align perfectly. So sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith away from your comfort zone to kickstart your forever story! (Corny I know... but here we are!)

I hope you found the above insightful and somewhat inspiring and if you are ever in need of any top tips or advice on getting started yourself, please feel free to connect with me on both my business and personal instragams below:



I'd love to hear from you and to connect with like minded people! Please continue to follow my journey as I share each step on my socials.

Thanks for reading!

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