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The wonders of Canva!

If you're reading this blog you may or may not have heard of a website/app known as Canva!

Being a social media manager and content creator, Canva really is a saving grace in so many ways and I am here to share some of my favourite Canva tips and tricks with you! (Keep reading...)

Firstly, you can use Canva for free which is amazing! However, I do pay for the pro account to allow me to provide the highest quality content to my clients across their social channels.

Ok, so what's the difference?

With Canva free you have:

And with Canva Pro you have:

For me, upgrading really is a no brainer as a freelancer because it gives you accessibility to such a variety of templates/ graphics and audios that you can utilise throughout your content.


Now onto some top tips and Canva hacks!

Number 1 - the magic re-size.. this is a dream and saves you so much time! (Remember time is money!)

Have you ever designed a background/ logo or graphic that you just fell in love with... it fits the bill and is just simply THE BEST and yet you then realise it is only suitable to one social platform...?

Good news, with the magic re-size you can simply click a button:

and BOOM, there you have it! The great thing about this is the list provided for the different social platforms. Canva is one step ahead and already has the programming of these sizes (again, a HUGE time saver).

Alternatively if you have a really specific sizing you require, you can simply choose 'custom size' and wam, bam, thank you MAM. Beautiful.

Next up... BRAND colours and Logos! This is an amazing hack and saves you so much time whilst also creating really aesthetic and consistent branding across yours and your clients social media platforms.

So as you can see, on this image I have a couple of different colour schemes which match two of my clients branding! Canva is really smart and can draw the colour charts from logos/ existing branding and images. I love this feature because as I mentioned above it just keeps a really strong consistency across the social media pages!

THE COMMENT SECTION - now this is a very useful tool.

If you are a little forgetful or like to make notes along the way... the comment section will certainly appeal to you! Another great benefit of this comment section comes into play when creating bulk content.

Now everyone works differently, I personally bulk create at the start of every week for each client and schedule accordingly. However some social media managers may choose to create each day or manually upload. If this is you, you can utilise the comment section on Canva to organise your workload and manage your captions and hashtags. Creating ease of use when you are manually uploading and seeing a really clear layout for the upcoming content.

Another amazing Canva pro hack - background remover!

You can take your photo from this to this:

This a super easy tool which you can also customise by removing or restoring as you please!

Now there are so many more Canva tips and tricks I could mention.. the list is endless but I hope you can see the true benefits of this fabulous programme as both a business owner and a content creator!

If you liked this blog and found it useful please do give it a share, tell your friends.. all that jazz! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and stay tuned for further blogs with more useful tips and tricks moving forward!

Finally - if you're looking for more visual tips/tricks, please check out my insta and tiktok where you will find lots of useful info!

@luxe socials_

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